"Webby Dudes is more than "the standard" website designer. A successful website is made from a blend of beautiful design, clearly written content and a well-thought-out conversion funnel. Webby Dudes offers state-of-the-art features that are proven to increase search engine ranking, boost sales, and deliver a better over-all experience across every device!
Traditional desktop-only sites simply won’t cut it anymore. One study from comScore found that 49 percent of digital media time is spent on mobile devices, with tablets accounting for an additional 12 percent. With just 31 percent of time left over for desktop devices, it becomes clear that websites should be built mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, and desktop-friendly. That’s why we employ what’s called responsive web design. Traditionally, responsive design means stretching and shrinking your site to fit different screen sizes. However, we take it a step further by tailoring different features for different devices as well. For example, a Click-to-Call button will appear on a mobile device, but not a tablet or desktop. The experience and the needs of a visitor can greatly differ between a mobile and desktop device, and we make sure that our content and designs consistently reflect that.

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